Why Pleated Air Filters are the Best Choice for Your Home

When it comes to air filtration, pleated air filters are the best choice for your home. They offer a much higher level of filtration than standard filters, trapping and absorbing particles that could otherwise cause problems for the residents of your home. Pleated air filters come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any HVAC system, from 1-inch wide filters to 6-inch wide deep-pleated filters. Pleated air filters are made of flexible materials such as polyester, paper or cotton, and have a large surface area compared to their counterpart, the pleatless air filter.

This allows the filter to trap more particles in the air, such as dust, dirt and hair (from pets and humans), which could otherwise damage the oven fan and clog the air conditioning coils. As a side benefit, a pleated filter will improve your home's indoor air quality. The main difference is that pleated air filters generally provide a higher level of air filtration than non-pleated air filters. The MERV rating determines the tightness of the mesh fabric of an air filter, with higher values meaning more restricted air flow.

Accumulation in the material can result in lower efficiency, allowing dirt and other particles to pass through the air filter and accumulate in the equipment or be released back into the air, where people occupying the space can inhale them. When it comes to filtration quality, pleated air filters are the best. They trap smaller debris due to their larger surface area and stronger filtration media. Fibreglass filters are located at the farthest end of that spectrum and offer almost maximum airflow in a balance that offers almost zero filtering efficiency.Some of the key aspects affecting the choice of an air filter would include cost, filtration quality and ease of use, among others.

By assigning cost and airflow to the background, you can have the best air quality in your home without having to replace the filter too often. Achieving a balance between all of these factors is critical when selecting an air filter for your air conditioning system.If you're used to using the cheaper 1-inch fiber filter that has a loose mesh, consider a 1-inch pleated air filter to keep your system even cleaner. What will happen in situations where the pressure drop is too high is that the fan will have to run longer to reach the desired temperature in your home, since it cools or heats less air at a time. Filters with lower MERV levels don't block as much air and will allow your air conditioner to operate more easily and “breathe more”.So which of these varieties is best for your home? Well, since we just said “you get what you pay for”, you can probably guess that pleated air filters are better.

The fan will do the same, regardless of the amount of air flow allowed by the filter.